Barbara’s sister Marty, in front of Lady Liberty

The two sisters doin’ the Hawai’ian thing!

Barbara, Marty, and Barbara’s daughter Jamie. This picture is several years old….nobody’s hair looks like that any moreAnd speaking of pictures that are several decades old - my old buddy Luciano Pavarotti and myself backstage at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco, after a performance of Turandot

And speaking of opera…..good friend and emerging superstar-soprano Jessica Rivera….onstage (with Placido Domingo!), backstage, and on-field.

Mom and Dad again

My brother’s family: Jill, Dick, Erin and Brian - also just a couple of years ago (!)

A relatively small percentage of the population has been involved in a train wreck, but I managed to do it. Fortunately, no one was driving the truck at the time!
This was Kirby, the best pet cat I ever had!