The Hawai’ian stuff:

Kilauea Volcano

Volcano Webcams

“Speak da kine Hawai’ian, eh brah”?

Great exploring-packages on the Big Island

John Rabi – the best real estate guy in the islands!

Want to see what’s happening on the Big Island?

Want to check out the weather, too?

The theatrical/musical stuff:

The main theatre company of the Big Island

Where are you every Saturday morning?

My last job in Southern California, Pepperdine University

Los Angeles Opera

Toe-tapping jazz each week, from San Antonio

The sports stuff:

Dodger Blue

Minor League Baseball….like the Majors used to be!

My beloved…and 2012 Stanley Cup Champions...Los Angeles Kings


The scuba stuff:

La Paz – in beautiful Baja California


Jessica Rivera, Superstar Soprano

Various and sundry:

I might be selling something on ebay...

The best (although soon-to-retire) meteorite source

Always useful:

Always fun:

My “charity of choice”

This is a great looking website, don’t you think?


Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone Nat'l Park

Eiffel Tower


Home Sweet Home, Kailua Kona pier

The Great Pyramid, Egypt

Beautiful Positano, on the Italian Riviera

London Webcams

Santa Monica Pier, a mile from our previous home!

The Western Wall, Jerusalem