This page will expand in the near future, but here are some pictures of the family. My niece Erin’s wedding several years ago offered a good opportunity for family photos: it was a rare opportunity for all of us to get together….and get dressed up!

Here's Barbara and myself...

…and my parents, the Matriarch and Patriarch. Pretty hot stuff, eh?!

Erin and Arjun actually had two weddings in two days - both a Western wedding and a beautiful Indian one, complete with traditional Indian dress and full ceremony

The bride and groom...

...and the beaming parents of the bride - my brother Dick and his wife Jill

And just to continue the theme, a few years later Erin and Arjun were the center of family-attention again, in an altogether different way:

Beautiful Shaila Anjali arrived on April 20! My nephew Brian, proudly holding his brand new niece!

We’re leaning on family members to visit us in Hawai’i as often as possible. My father has always referred to the island lifestyle as “The Polynesian Paralysis”. This picture may just confirm his diagnosis:

My brother and sister-in-law with Barbara, enjoying brunch overlooking beautiful Kealakakua Bay:

The Hawai’ian family includes two members of the canine persuasion as well. We had The Noodle

….with us in Southern California, but his brother Mojo came from the local Animal Shelter here on the Big Island. He started out like this:

…..but soon he was as big (or bigger) than his brother! They’re enjoying the island lifestyle too - what’s not to like?

And a few more of yours truly, dressed in my favorite attire:

More pictures, faces and places...